About Us

Our Story

We are so excited to share the unconditional love of Jesus Christ right in the heart of Kansas City. Christ the King Church is an independent Catholic parish that is committed to including all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, race, or any other man-made barrier, into the full life of parish ministry.

We value traditional liturgy (choir, organ, chant, hymns) and the beauty of our rich heritage in the catholic faith. We also seek to be a force of true love in our community and are aiming to make a big splash! We seek to lead people into a deeper relationship with Christ and help connect them to a greater purpose.

Our church plant is looking to add disciples to our Core Team as we prepare to launch in July 2021!

Our Values/Vision

Mission Driven

We don’t want church “consumers” where people evaluate worship like they would if they went to a concert. We want disciples. We are praying, serving, and growing together to be true servants for Christ.

Rooted In Tradition

We are Catholic. We may not be Roman Catholic, but, our liturgy, history, theology, and understanding is so intertwined. Our heritage goes back centuries and is directly linked to the Old Catholic Movement and the Union of Utrecht. At worship, you will hear organ and chant, smell the incense, taste the eucharist, and see our ancient faith both alive and thriving.

Community Focused

We are friends with our neighbors. We are connected with those who need us, regardless of whether or not they are part of CtK. We are called to defend the sanctity of life for all people and to go where we are needed to bring true and lasting change.

Our Team

CtK is led by the parish at the local level just as the early Church was in its founding. We are connected to the larger Church through partnerships with sister parishes throughout the world.

Father Taylor Tracy, S.C.R.


Marilyn Turner

Administration Team

Ernesto Suarez

Administration Team

Shayna Rogers

Graphic Designer/Outreach Team

Bryce Morgan

Administration Team

Tim Mouton

Administration Team

Jake Johnson

Community Outreach

Michael De Voe

Director of Worship

Josh Moyers

Formation Team

Gabriel Hurtado

Administration Team

Daniel Alford

Communications Team

Rev. Father Andrew Turner

Formation Team

Rev. Michael Dunlap

Pastoral Support

Rev. Edd Wunderlich

Pastoral Support

Rev. Father Bryce Kolodziej

Pastoral Support

The Most Rev. Robert Chung, S.C.R.

Bishop/Superior General of the Society of Christ the King

The Most Rev. Marc Morales Del Castillo, M.D., S.C.R.

Bishop/Episcopal Advisor