Apostolic Succession

The Society of Christ the King

Apostolic Succession

The Society of Christ the King is a Society of Apostolic Life whose prelates possess undisputed Apostolic Succession; therefore, the Society participates fully in the sacramental life of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church that Christ had founded and commissioned to “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matt 28:19) Since many of these lines of succession derive from the other major particular Churches, such as the Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, and Anglican Church, the Society shares in the common history of the Universal Church.

The Society of Christ the King derives its primary lines of Apostolic Succession through the Most Reverend, Archbishop +Peter Paul Brennan. Archbishop Brennan held many lines of succession from the East and West; however, as the Society’s charism lies in the propagation of the Roman Rite, we put particular emphasis on three treasured Roman Catholics lines:


Primary Line of Succession: The Roman Catholic Church through Archbishop +Emmanuel Milingo

1. Scipione Cardinal Rebiba, Cardinal-Priest of Sant’Anastasia, who on March 22, 1566, consecrated

2. Giulio Antonio Cardinal Santorio, Cardinal-Priest of San Bartolomeo all’Isola, who on September 7, 1586, consecrated

3. Girolamo Cardinal Bernerio, O.P., Cardinal-Bishop of Albano, who on April 4, 1604, consecrated

4. Archbishop Galeazzo Sanvitale, Archbishop Emeritus of Bari (-Canosa)), who on May 2, 1621, consecrated

5. Ludovico Cardinal Ludovisi, Archbishop of Bologna, who on June 12, 1622, consecrated,

6. Luigi Cardinal Caetani, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Pudenziana, who on October 7, 1630, consecrated,

7. Ulderico Cardinal Carpegna, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria in Trastevere, who on May 2, 1666, consecrated,

8. Paluzzo Cardinal Paluzzi Altieri Degli Albertoni, Chamberlain (Camerlengo) of the Apostolic Chamber, who on February 3, 1675, consecrated,

9. Pope Benedict XIII (Pietro Francesco (Vincenzo Maria) Orsini de Gravina, O.P.), who on July 16, 1724, consecrated,

10. Pope Benedict XIV (Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini), who on March 19, 1743, consecrated

11. Pope Clement XIII (Carlo della Torre Rezzonico), who on April 25, 1762, consecrated,

12. Marcantonio Cardinal Colonna (Jr.), Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria della Pace, who on March 2, 1777, consecrated,

13. Hyacinthe-Sigismond Cardinal Gerdil, B., Cardinal-Priest of Santa Cecilia, who on December 21, 1788, consecrated,

14. Giulio Maria Cardinal della Somaglia, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri), who on May 25, 1823, consecrated,

15. Carlo Cardinal Odescalchi, S.J., Cardinal-Priest of Santi XII Apostoli, who on December 21, 1828, consecrated,

16. Costantino Cardinal Patrizi Naro, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri), who on November 5, 1871, consecrated,

17. Lucido Maria Cardinal Parocchi, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, who on November 16, 1884, consecrated,

18. Pope Pius X (St. Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto), who on December 22, 1907, consecrated,

19. Pope Benedict XV (Giacomo Giambattista della Chiesa), who on May 13, 1917, consecrated,

20. Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Cardinal Pacelli, Cardinal-Priest of Santi Giovanni e Paolo), who on July 25, 1937, consecrated,

21. Eugène-Gabriel-Gervais-Laurent Cardinal Tisserant, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia, who on December 12, 1954, consecrated,

22. Pope Paul VI (St. Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini), who on August 1, 1969, consecrated,

23. Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, Archbishop Emeritus of Lusaka, who on September 24, 2006, sub conditione consecrated,

24. Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan, Archbishop of the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of the Americas


Secondary Line of Succession: The Roman Catholic Church through Archbishop +Carlos Duarte Costa

1. Scipione Cardinal Rebiba —March 16, 1541

2. Guilio Antonio Santoro —March 12, 1566

3. Girolama Bernerio —September 7, 1586

4. Galeazzo Sanvitale —April 4, 1604

5. Lodovico Ludovisi —May 2, 1621

6. Luigi Caetani —June 12, 1622

7. Ulderico Carpegna —October 7, 1630

8. Paluzzo Altieri—May 2, 1666

9. Vincenzo Maria Orsini— February 3, 1675

10. Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini—July 16, 1724

11. Carol Della Torre Rezzoni —March 19, 1743

12. Bernadinus Giraud— April 26, 1767

13. Alexander Matthaeus — February 23, 1777

14. Petrus Franciscus Galeffi — September 12, 1819

15. Iacobus Phillipus Fransoni — December 8, 1822

16. Carolus Sacconi—June 8, 1851

17. Eduard Howard—June 30, 1872

18. Mariano Rampollamarchese Del Tindaro— December 8, 1882

19. Joaquin Arcoverde De Albuquerque-Calvacanti — October 26, 1890

20. Sebastiao Leme De Silveira Cintra— June 4, 1911

21. Carlos Duarte Costa (consecrated December 8, 1924), who on 23 January 1949 assisted Luis Fernando Castillo-Mendez in consecrating:

22. Stephen Meyer Corradi-Scarella for the Western Orthodox Church in America, who, assisted by Duarte Costa, on 15 August 1954 consecrated:

23. Emile Federico Rodriguez y Fairfield for the Iglesia Ortodoxa Catolica Apostolica Mexicana, who on 15 March 1987, at Igelsia San Agustin in Los Angeles, assisted by Paul G.W. Schultz, consecrated sub conditione:

24. Peter Paul Brennan, Archbishop of the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America


Tertiary Line of Succession: The Roman Catholic Church through Archbishop +Pierre Martin Ngo Dinh Thuc (Chaldean Catholic Church in origin)

1. Maran Mar Yusip Ummanu’il II Thoma, Bishop of Seert of the Chaldeans, afterward Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, in 1917 consecrated:

2. Francis Daoud, Bishop of Amadiyah of the Chaldeans, on 22 December 1929, assisted by Georges Dallal, Archbishop of Mossoul of the Syrians, and Jacques Nessimian, Archbishop of Mardin of the Armenians, consecrated:

3. Antonin Drapier, Titular (Roman Catholic) Archbishop of Neocaesarea in Pontus, who on 5 May 1938, assisted by Isidore Dumortier, Titular Bishop of Lipara, and Dominique Maria Ho Ngoc Can, Titular Bishop of Zenobias, consecrated:

4. Ngo Dinh Thuc, Pierre Martin, Archbishop of Hue and Titular Archbishop of Bulla Regia, who on 11 January 1976 consecrated:

5. Clemente Dominguez y Gómez of the Holy Palmarian Church, who on January 9, 1977, assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga, consecrated:

6. Ciaran Bernardo Broadbery, who on April 27, 1978, consecrated:

7. Michael Patrick O’Connor Cox, Archbishop of the Order Mater Dei, who on 19 May 1998 consecrated:

8. Patrick Buckley, who on 14 February 1999 consecrated:

9. Peter Paul Brennan, Archbishop of the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America

Although the Society is not under papal jurisdiction, the aforementioned unbroken lines of succession bind us closely to a long and celebrated lineage that traces back to the Apostle Peter. This more than assures that the sacraments offered by the Society are truly valid. Additional acknowledgment of our validity in document form available upon request.